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Preschool & Kindergarten Graduation Caps and Gowns


Thank you for visiting preschoolcapandgowns

We specialize in cap and gowns for preschoolers and kindergarten students needing graduation regalia and accessories to monument this occasion in their lives.

Education begins at home, with the values your children see. The more you show your children that you value their education, the more likely they are to succeed.

Your children have worked hard studying and playing, learning how to draw inside the box, and how to think outside the box.

Why not give them a graduation cap and gown set that shows them how much you care.

Our cap and gown sets are available to individuals, schools, head start programs, church groups, synagogues and homeschoolers.

preschool graduation cap and gowns

While we cannot ship kisses, hugs or ice cream, our cap and gown sets do include the full regalia needed for each preschool or kindergarten graduate to beam with pride on his/her auspicious day.

Each preschool graduation set contains a cap (mortarboard), gown, tassel (goes on cap), year charm (goes on tassel) and diploma with space to write the child's name and teacher's name.

We offer group discounts, so the more graduation sets you order, the less each cap and gown set costs you.

See graduation regalia and price chart below:

preschool diploma

cap gown tassel for kindergarten or preschool graduates

Pricing for Pre-school & Kindergarten
1 - 6 sets
  per person
7 - 12 sets
  per person
13 - 24 sets
  per person
25 - 49 sets
  per person
50 - 100 sets
  per person
101 - 299 sets
  per person
300 or more sets
  per person
Colors available:
White, gold, royal blue, light blue, gray, purple, black, navy and maroon/burgundy
Ordering info


kindergaren graduation gown

To order, please send us the following information:


Name of person ordering
Name of preschool if applicable
Street address
Zip Code
Ship-to address if different from above
Home tel #
Work (or Cell) tel#


  • Quantity of Gowns needed, per size. See preschool height chart below.

  • Color of Cap and Gown
  • Color of Tassel
  • Year date on tassel?
  • Do you require diploma? If so, preschool or kindergarten?


Payment Info


Date Needed (so we know whether to ship via UPS Ground, or by Air (i.e. Fed Ex)

Shipping Charges:

UPS Ground S/H This is usually the least expensive way of shipping: 6% subtotal (quantity of sets x price per set) for shipping/handling/insurance. Example: $300.00 order. $300.00 x 5% = $15.00 s/h (however minimum s/h for all orders is $8.50

For rush shipping, please add $15.00

For extremely urgent RUSH shipping via Fed-X AIR (i.e. last minute) please $30.00 for next-day-air or $20.00 for two-day-air

For international sales, contact our office to obtain shipping quote.

Height charts for group orders below (just let us know how many gowns you need per size):

If needed we can also provide this for you in metric

3*6 - 3*8
3*9 - 3*11
4*0 - 4*2
4*3 - 4*5

When complete: fax, e-mail, or snail mail

Send to:Preschool Cap and Gowns
C/O Saxon Uniform
PO Box 81689
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
or Fax 561-431-8172
or Call 412-422-GOWN (412-422-4696)

(Credit card, money order, western union, and checks accepted. If paying by check, please make check payable to Saxon Uniform Network, Inc.)

For non Preschool academic regalia, such as doctoral gowns, hoods or tams; masters or bachelors regalia, high school cap and gowns, etc., please click here.